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November Events: WeScale Challenge, Taiwan Business Day 2021, Taiwan Innovation Fair & Share

In November 2021, Tiger Accelerator, TGN and partners are collaborating with Crossroads 2021 and Global Entrepreneurship Week Taiwan (GEW Taiwan) to organize several online events, with the aim of bridging the startup ecosystems in Taiwan & the Netherlands, and creating opportunities for key stakeholders from both geographies to connect.

Firstly, on November 9, the WeScale Challenge startup pitching competition will take place, where startups from Taiwan & the Netherlands will pitch their international expansion plan in front of an expert jury. Then, on November 10, the Taiwan Business Day webinar will be held, where business leaders from Taiwan & the Netherlands will present a series of keynote speeches and share their insights on the opportunities available in both startup ecosystems.

Alongside these real time events, Tiger Accelerator has also launched the Taiwan Innovation Fair & Share (TIFS) online exhibition together with its co-organizers and sponsors. The exhibition contains booths from over 100 highlighted Taiwanese startups, as well as pavilions from key stakeholders in Taiwan’s startup scene, and will serve as a platform that showcases Taiwan’s startup ecosystem to an international audience.

Partners from Taiwan & Europe’s startup ecosystems are naturally welcome to participate in these upcoming events! Find out how you can take part in each of the events below:


WeScale Challenge 2021 (November 9)

The WeScale Challenge is an annual pitch competition for startups interested in international expansion via Taiwan & the Netherlands. Each year, the winning startups are awarded with business resources to kickstart their business expansion plan.

In the 2021 edition, 6 startups from Taiwan & 6 startups from the Netherlands will pitch their expansion plans in front of an international jury. The winning companies from the Netherlands will receive the Taiwan Explorer Awards, including access into Taiwan’s robust support system for startups. The winning companies from Taiwan will receive free coaching hours and soft-landing resources in Europe, provided by Taiwan Globalization Network, Tiger Accelerator, and partners.

Registration for pitching is still open! If you are a startup/scale-up company interested in participating in the competition, please sign up via the registration form.

If you are interested in watching the pitch competition as an audience member, please register for the event via Eventbrite.


Taiwan Business Day 2021 (November 10)

Taiwan Business Day (TBD) is an annual event organized by Taiwan Globalization Network (TGN) & its partners since 2012, aiming to connect businesses opportunities and entrepreneurial ecosystems between Taiwan and the Netherlands. The event includes presentations from relevant business leaders, as well as opportunities for stakeholders from both geographies to showcase their portfolio and network with potential partners. In the 2021 edition, the event theme is: Smart Money for Smart Startups (千里馬與伯樂 在荷蘭相遇).

The Taiwanese and Dutch economies have many similarities, as they are both open economies with a large export focus. SME’s play the main role in both countries, both in the service industry as in production and as suppliers of large corporations. General differences are that Taiwanese companies have traditionally focused on outsourced production and Dutch companies on design, trade, and services.

In recent years both countries have moved to top regional rankings on innovation and start-up climate, showing that both economies are going through rapid renewal processes. Following this trend, Taiwan Business Day offers opportunities for young companies and scale-ups from both countries – to match/mix and succeed.

In 2021, Taiwan Business Day will take the form of a webinar, and will feature keynotes from a lineup of expert speakers including Guy Wittich (Advisor for Semiconductor Industry at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, The Netherlands), Cami Lu (Operating Partner, Susino Venture Group), and many more business/governance leaders from Taiwan & the Netherlands.

You can see the full event agenda and register for the event via Eventbrite.


Taiwan Innovation Fair & Share (TIFS)

Taiwan Innovation Fair & Share contains a virtual exhibition which presents highlighted Taiwanese innovation to an international audience, facilitates Taiwanese startups to connect with international partners, and showcases opportunities in the Taiwanese startup ecosystem that are open for international stakeholders.

The exhibition will remain accessible online in the coming year, and it is still possible to become a Pavilion Partner, to become a sponsor, or to co-organize future events under the TIFS framework!

To learn more about how to participate on the TIFS platform, please contact:

To see the startups currently exhibiting, please visit the TIFS exhibition.


Crossroads 2021

Crossroads 2021 is an international conference organized by StartupUtrecht from 8 – 11 November, during Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) 2021. In the conference, startups, scaleups, investors, corporates, and various stakeholders in the European startup ecosystem come together to network and engage with each other.

With our upcoming events included in the Crossroads program, Tiger Accelerator & TGN are collaborating with Crossroads to connect Taiwan’s startup ecosystem with the European startup community. You can browse through the rest of the Crossroads program here.

Global Entrepreneurship Week Taiwan (GEW Taiwan)

On the Taiwanese side, Global Entrepreneurship Week Taiwan is supported by Taiwan’s Small and Medium Enterprise Administration(SMEA), Ministry of Economic Affairs(MOEA), and activated by the National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Association (NiEA). During the week between November 8 and November 14, GEW Taiwan highlights numerous Taiwanese startup ecosystem events in an international context, and draws attention to what Taiwan’s startup scene has to offer for international partners.


Event Organizers

The above events are made possible with the collective effort of the following organizations:



Supported by:


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