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NBRP Academy x Tiger Accelerator: Biomedical Entrepreneurship Masterclass Series (July 2022)

In July 2022, Taiwan's National Biotechnology Research Park (NBRP) Academy is organizing a series of Biomedical Entrepreneurship Masterclass webinars in collaboration with Tiger Accelerator.

During the Masterclass, a number of expert speakers from Europe's biomedical sector will share their valuable insights covering diverse knowledge areas in the industry. Some of the topics covered will include: business model design, European medical sector regulations, fundraising strategies, and market access for Europe. After each session, there will also be time reserved for Q&A's.

To participate in the Masterclass, registration is required. The webinar link will be emailed to participants two days before each session. To register, please fill in your information in the online form below.


Masterclass Agenda

Masterclass 2022 - Wednesday, July 6th, 2022, 15:00-17:00 (TW Time) [9:00-11:00CET]

Moderator:Valerie Hsu (Director, Tiger Accelerator) Introduction: 10 minutes

Subject #1Access to funding - your fundraising strategy Speaker:Steef Klop (CEO, Mathody, RAPID Growth Fund)

Subject #2Access to capital and (public) funding Speaker:Luc Haarbrink (Consultant Innovation, PNO Consultants)

Masterclass 2022 - Wednesday, July 20th, 2022, 15:00-17:00 (TW Time) [9:00-11:00CET]

Moderator:Valerie Hsu (Director, Tiger Accelerator) Introduction: 10 minutes

Subject #3Mastering the Health Tech Business (II):

MDR & IVDR Compliance as a Business Advantage Speaker:Heikki Pitkänen (Lean Entries)

Subject #4Innovation Roadmap Speaker:Gerard Hoskens (RAPID-Health)


This event is designed for:

- Startups

- Biomedical Sector Professionals

- Interested in business development for the European Market



- The Masterclass sessions and Q&A's will be conducted in English.

- The speakers and organizers will answer select questions during the Q&A segments, and might not be able to cover all questions.

- Please test your technical setup and internet connection before each session, to ensure that you are able to participate in the Masterclass smoothly. During the sessions, the organizers might not be able to address technical issues occurring on the participant's side.





Tiger Accelerator:


Registration Link:


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