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Taiwan-Europe Space Connection Opportunities Roadshow (2021-04-21/22)

taiwan-europe space-connection opportunities roadshow april 21 22 2021

While some might imagine the Space sector as a distanced and hard-to-reach territory for businesses, this is far from the truth. In fact, the Space economy contains opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs and companies in every sector, via the key concept of ‘Space Connection’: space technologies and space systems can be indeed transferred and/or utilized in any industry.

The 'Taiwan-Europe Space Connection Opportunities Roadshow' event taking place on April 21-22 will feature in-depth insights, analysis and clarifications on the existing pathways for space-connected entrepreneurs to expand their operations between Taiwan and Europe.

The event has two main segments:

The first segment, TW-EU Space Opportunities Seminar, features experts from both regions, presenting the space-connected opportunities available within the existing ecosystems.

The second segment of the event will be the 30’ face-to-face video conference meetings between experts in space technologies and business incubation, and entrepreneurs, students and corporate companies, to discuss the possibility in Taiwan to either create a ‘space-connected’ start-up, or introduce a space technology in existing products/services, or consider the scaling-up and growth in Europe.

Note: The event is at full capacity and registration has closed. Thank you for your interest!


Event Time

1) TW-EU Space Opportunities Seminar

2021/04/21 14:30 - 15:45 TW

2) Space-Connection Face-to-Face Meetings

2021/04/21 16:00 - 19:00 TW

2021/04/22 15:00 - 19:00 TW


Speakers Lineup

Prof. Jong-Shinn Wu | Distinguished Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, Taiwan’s NYCU, and the Founder/Director of Advanced Rocket Research Center

Bruno Naulais | Co-founder and former manager of the Network of European Space Business Incubation Centers at the European Space Agency (ESA BIC).

Philippe Lattes | Project manager at ESA BIC Sud France. Founder of SpaceSeed.

David Hello | General Manager & CEO at TerraNIS SAS.

Benoit Rivollet | Industry Director at In Extenso Innovation Croissance. Multiple years entrepreneurship experience.

Jerry Lin 林子傑 | Senior Project Manager at TRIPLE.


Seminar Topics

1. Success stories from EU's space-connected' Start-ups and SMEs (Bruno Naulais & Philippe Lattes & David Hello)

2. Space Technology Transfer overview (Benoit Rivollet)

3. Taiwan Space Ecosystem: current development and the focus areas for startup opportunities ( Prof. Jong-Shinn Wu 吳宗信 博士)

4. Introduction of Taiwan Design & Manufacturing Ecosystem (TRIPLE) 台灣設計與製造生態鏈與TRIPLE之介紹 (Jerry Lin 林子傑)

5. The ESA BICs Model (Bruno Naulais)

6. How to build a space ecosystem with SpaceSeed (Phillippe Lattes)


Registration Form


Event Partners

Co-Organiser:林口新創園 Startup Terrace

Supervised by:經濟部中小企業處 Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, MOEA


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