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RAPID-Health Scaleup Roadshow 2021: Instant NanoBiosensors (2021-05-26)

RAPID-Health Scaleup Roadshow 2021 Instant NanoBiosensors

On the 26th of May, 2021, Tiger Accelerator will be organizing the first edition of the RAPID-Health Scaleup Roadshow, where outstanding international medtech companies will present the latest progress and developments they have achieved in Europe, through Tiger Accelerator's RAPID-Health program, partnered with ROM Utrecht Region and TBA Innovation Committee.

In this first edition, we are proud to present the company Instant NanoBiosensors:

Instant NanoBiosensors Co., Ltd. is an award-winning Taiwanese start-up, specialized in the development of cutting-edge biosensor platforms. Established in 2016 by co-founder Tsun-Chih ''Tony'' Chung (CEO), Lai-Kwan Chau (PhD), and Shau-Chun ''Paul'' Wang (PhD), this aspiring biotechnology company operates on the mission to continuously improve biomedical research and diagnostic processes with simple, reliable and affordable detection solutions.

With the unique & patented FOPPR™ Technology (Fiber Optic Particle Plasmon Resonance), the Light-Sensing Biomarker Analyzer platforms offer instant and accurate results for a variety of applications. By combining novel biomarker with advantageous devices and biochips, Instant NanoBiosensors has the vision to revolutionize traditional immunoassays and diagnostic analyses for a more efficient healthcare ecosystem.

During the Roadshow webinar event, Tony Chung, the CEO & Co-Founder of Instant NanoBiosensors, will introduce the company's profile, its unique technology solutions and its fundraising plans.

All partners and potential investors are invited to attend join unique opportunity to learn more about Instant NanoBiosensors, one of the most promising startups from the RAPID-Health portfolio.

Please register for the event in the form provided below.


Event time:

26/05/2021, 10:00 - 11:00 (CET)

Event Platform:

Google Meet.

(Please register for the event to receive the meeting link.)


Tony Chung (CEO, Instant NanoBiosensors)

Valerie Hsu (Director, Tiger Accelerator)

Event Agenda:

10:00 | Welcome & Introduction by Tiger Accelerator

10:05 | Presentation by Instant NanoBiosensors Co., Ltd.

10:35 | Q&A and comments

10:55 | Closing remarks

Event Partners:

  • Instant NanoBiosensors

  • Taiwan Business Association in the Netherlands (Supervisor)

  • Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs (Supervisor)



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