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RAPID-Health & AI Spring 2021: Program Launch

Tiger Accelerator & ROM Utrecht Region's RAPID-Health & AI Spring 2021 Program kicked off on May 17, 2021, with its first digital meeting. In this session, mentors from Utrecht Region, Jelle van der Weijde and Gerard Hoskens, introduced the RAPID-Health program overview to the 5 teams of Taiwanese medtech startups, and elaborated on the resources and capabilities of Utrecht Region within the program, as well as the Region’s unmet needs that might be met by the startups’ solutions.

Utrecht Region is one of the most innovative areas in Europe for the Health & Life-Sciences sector, and has the capability to introduce and implement new technologies and products in the health space in an European context. During RAPID-Health, startup participants can potentially make their first steps in connecting with these capabilities in Utrecht, to begin developing and realizing their strategies for expanding to the European market.

During the session, the 5 startups also each briefly introduced their company’s profile to the RAPID-Health mentors and to each other. Throughout the coming 2-weeks of the interactive program content, the 5 startups will form a community of like-minded innovative medtech professionals & entrepreneurs. Parallel to sessions with RAPID-Health’s expert mentors, the participants can also exchange insights and experiences regarding their progress towards European expansion.

The 5 startups participating in the RAPID-Health & AI Spring 2021 edition are:

Energy Resources International Co. Ltd.

ARVIN Bio-Medical Devices Co., Ltd.

LumiSTAR Biotechnology, Inc.

Bio Preventive Medicine Corp. (BPM)

AnHorn Medicines Co., Ltd.


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