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Pitching for Expansion 2020Q4: Health & Medtech

The Coronavirus has left us all with feelings of uncertainty about the future. However, during Taiwan Innovation Fair & Share 2020 we offer you the opportunity to come in contact with some of the most prestigious (inter)national companies!

Taiwan Innovation Fair & Share 2020 will offer you diverse online events with companies. From speed dates, workshops, cases, and many more! Pitching for Expansion Health & Medtech 2020Q4 is focused on start-ups, scaleups, and spin-offs interested in the field of innovative solutions applicable in the health & medical industry.

What’s in it for you?

• Meet leading companies in the fields of Health, MedTech, Retail, Marketing, IT, Strategy & Consultancy, and Finance!

• Get in contact with your future business partner through multiple informal and formal activities.

• Hear all about relevant topics through the inspiring stories of interesting companies

Program Details

0:00 Introduction of Pitching for Expansion 2020Q4, by P4E moderator, Dr. Valerie Hsu, Director, TGN / Tiger Accelerator

10:02 Introduction of VIPs

10:04 InnoMed: connect the Medtech innovation between Taiwan and the Global market, Dr. Michael Lin, CEO & Deputy Director, Center of Industry Accelerator and Patent Strategy, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

10:07 Utrecht Health Hub & Taiwan-Netherlands soft-landing (Hub2Hub) by Jelle van der Weijde, Director Health Domain, Economic Board Utrecht (EBU), The Netherlands

10:22 Pitching for Expansion 2020 – 4-minute pitching rules, brief introduction of jury members and pitching companies

Jury committee consisted of:

  • Jelle van der Weijde, Director, Health Domain, Economic Board Utrecht (EBU), The Netherlands

  • Jasmin Li Zhou, Advisor, RAPID Innovation Holding

  • Dr. Yichen Li, Advisor, Tiger Growth Fund

10:23 4 Taiwanese startups (4 min pitch + 2 min Q&A = 6 min * 4 = 24 minutes)

1 Dutch startups (4 min pitch + 2 min Q&A = 6 min * 1 = 6 minutes)

1. Taiwanese startups pitching

2. Dutch startups pitching

10:55 Final remarks by Dr. Valerie Hsu, TGN/Tiger Accelerator 11:00 End program

The outcome will announce on next Monday, October 26 around 10:00CET by TGN FB and social media.


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