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30 SEPTEMBER @ 12:00 - 17:30 CEST

The Taiwanese and Dutch economies have many similarities, an open economy with a large export focus. SME’s play the main role in both countries, both in the service industry as in production and as suppliers of the large corporations. General differences are that Taiwanese companies have traditionally focused on outsourced production and Dutch companies on design, trade, and services. In recent years both countries have moved to top regional rankings on innovation and start-up climate, showing that both economies are going through rapid renewal processes. That’s why Taiwan Business Day offers opportunities for young companies and scale-ups from both countries – to match/mix and succeed.


Taiwan Business Day 2019 (TBD19) includes ESIL Open Day and will be organised at coworking space JIM in Utrecht. It includes a seminar to help you understand the Taiwanese opportunities and help you with your business expansion strategy, followed by a seminar on Cross-Border investment. Taiwan Business Day ends with a networking event to expand your international business network.

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