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Sport Performance Innovation Challenge

Multi-Sportcampus Traiectum is a collaboration between five leading (top) sports clubs in Utrecht East: FC Utrecht, SV Kampong, Hellas Utrecht, VV Utrecht and UZSC. Together we are building the ultimate test and development place for start-ups, scaleups, corporates and knowledge institutions in sports, exercise & vitality. For this challenge, we are looking for innovative solutions in the field of Sport Performance that allow our top and/or recreational athletes to perform better in a sustainable way.


In recent years, Sport Performance has experienced enormous growth and it is now impossible to imagine top sport without it. Sport Performance focuses on improving the performance of both individual athletes and teams, with attention to both the physical and mental aspects. Sport Performance goes beyond training on the playing field and focuses on creating optimal conditions for long-lasting and sustainable performance.


Sport Performance addresses all factors that can influence the development and performance of athletes. This includes aspects such as sleep, recovery, injury prevention, motor development, nutrition, mental resilience and motivation. By optimizing these elements, it enables athletes to reach their maximum potential and deliver consistent performance over the long term.


Sports Performance means different things to different people, from the elite athlete who wants to become fit and unlock their true athletic potential, to the amateur athlete who simply wants a better quality of life with more energy and vitality.


In our Multi-Sport Campus we want to be at the forefront of Sport Performance. Not just with one specific sport, but beyond sports. And for both top athletes and recreational athletes. The challenges for the development of Sport Performance lie in three areas for us:

  • Content deepening: The field is relatively new and there is still a lot to be gained in the areas of energy management, sports enjoyment, performance under pressure, mental focus, physical fitness, broad motor development, nutrition and rest.

  • Cross-sport options: Many solutions often focus on one sport, such as wearables that have been specifically developed for football. We think that's a shame.

  • Opening up to recreational sport: Top sport often has the focus of the solutions, while opening up to recreational sport is of great importance. Ultimately also for top sport.


With this challenge we are looking for innovative Sport Performance solutions that allow top and/or recreational athletes to perform better in a sustainable way. Not exclusive to one sport, but transcending sports. Do you have a solution for this? Then we would like to receive your pitch!

About us

With Multi-sportcampus Traiectum, a new Utrecht ecosystem is developing in Sport, Exercise & Vitality. We are building the ultimate test and development place for start-ups, scale-ups, corporates and knowledge institutions in Sport, Exercise & Vitality – with 10,000 members, 1,800,000 annual visitors and 600 companies (business club members) that are part of our community.


From a groundbreaking combination of sport, exercise, education and spatial development, we realize our goal of becoming the preferred place for recreational athletes, top athletes, talents and coaches in the Netherlands. This means a continuous search for the best resources, the current needs of the target group, the right resources, the smartest guidance, the social role to create the ideal situation for the athlete, with an open attitude to new forms of (top) sport . In the field of sports, we bring together 10 sports - in breadth and at the highest level in the Netherlands:

  • FC Utrecht - Football - Top sport and cooperation for grassroots sport

  • SV Kampong - Hockey, Cricket, Football, Squash, Tennis, Jeu de Boules - Top and recreational sports

  • Hellas Utrecht - Athletics and Triathlon - Top and recreational sports

  • VV Utrecht - Volleyball - Top and recreational sport

  • UZSC - Water polo - Top and recreational sport

Information meeting

  • Date: Monday 4 September, 2023

  • Time: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (CET)

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What are we looking for?

We are looking for solutions backed by scientific insights that are suitable for direct use in training environments, such as fields, gyms and rehabilitation areas. For the top athlete and / or recreational athlete. For the individual and/or for the team. You can think of the development areas below, but feel free to surprise us – if your specific solution isn't listed here:

  • Health and energy: Poor health makes it more difficult to exercise sustainably, as it limits the body's ability to create energy and also makes it more difficult to recover from fatigue. Think of: quick scans (starting position) and load capacity.

  • Rest, recovery and injury prevention: Rest and recovery are crucial for any athlete who wants to perform well and not get injured. Think of: quick scans (prevention), return-to-sport programs, recovery strategies or materials (sleep, cryo, compression, meditation).

  • Physical fitness and coordination: Improving physical fitness and coordination helps to build strength and endurance and improves agility and mobility. Think of: cognitive training, broad motor development, screening motor level. 

  • Nutrition: Eating well is essential for optimal sports performance, nutrition provides the body with the fuel it needs to stay physically and mentally healthy. For example: testing body composition, individualizing nutritional requirements and supplementary sports nutrition.

  • Mental development and motivation: Sports psychology has become an increasingly important aspect of sports due to its ability to improve athletes' confidence, focus and motivation. Think of: visualization techniques, screening mental status, tools for promoting mental training, teaching program mental value of sports and performance under pressure / stress.

  • Tracking and Analytics: Applications or platforms that support the athlete during the activity, often to improve performance, by tracking the activity and providing feedback or training guidance. Think of (hardware and software): tracking systems, test and measurement equipment, monitoring systems, training analysis and training programming.

What must the solution meet?


  • Solutions transcend sports and are therefore not exclusively aimed at one sport.

  • Solution can start a pilot within 3 months at one or more clubs of Multi-Sportcampus Traiectum.

  • Solutions are supported by scientific evidence.

  • Solutions are scalable beyond the boundaries of the Multi-Sportcampus Traiectum.


Nice to have

  • Solutions are accessible and cost-efficient (both in terms of start-up costs and ongoing costs) to enable the implementation of the solution for a wider range of (top) sports clubs.

  • Solutions are supported by a permanent team of makers who are dedicated to further developing the product.

  • Makers are willing to work together to further improve and develop their solutions.

  • Makers are prepared to carry out the pilot themselves at one or more clubs.

What are we not looking for?

  • Solutions exclusive to one sport.

  • Solutions that have not been tested.

  • Solutions that are not scalable.


What we offer


With your pitch you reach the Performance Managers of the five participating Utrecht (top) sports clubs, who together represent 10,000 athletes. These seven Performance Managers will make a selection and invite the best 10 companies/solutions to a live pitch event at FC Utrecht Next in November 2023. Dozens of entrepreneurs and investors will be present, including members of the FC Utrecht Business Club.


During the pitch event we will announce the 3 winners, with whom we will discuss a pilot project at one of the five (top) sports clubs. Our goal is to start a paid pilot with at least one company/solution with a budget of at least 10,000 euros. In addition, we strive to find additional resources to set up multiple/larger pilot projects.


Moreover, it is our intention to purchase a solution - with a successful pilot and suitable for several (top) sports clubs - as Multi-sport Campus Traiectum. This offers the opportunity to make an impact on a larger scale and further increase the value of your solution.


What we can also do for you:

  • Market: Reach a market of 10,000 members, 1,800,000 annual visitors and 600 companies through our pilots. We are your launching partner for the roll-out of successful Sport Performance solutions within our community and serve as a showcase for the rest of the Netherlands.

  • Resources: Make use of our facilities, such as stadiums, changing rooms, canteens, fields and training areas. We provide suitable pilot opportunities in both top sport and recreational sport. During the pilot we offer you a workplace in the stadium of FC Utrecht.

  • Knowledge: Take advantage of our Sport Performance Team, made up of experts from various clubs. You will be assigned an expert who will supervise your pilot and provide valuable advice.

  • Network: Join our network of 600 companies, investors, all Utrecht knowledge institutions, the municipality and other network organizations in the ecosystem of the Multi-Sportcampus Traiectum. This gives you access to valuable contacts and opportunities.

  • Exposure: Generate visibility for your solution through the communication channels of the participating clubs, with a combined reach of more than 400,000 followers. Think of mailings, magazines and communication during competition days.

Your pitch (max 7 pages / 21 slides)


All pitches must include the following:

  • A description of your product or solution (max. 3 pages / 9 slides)

  • A description of your company & team (max. 1 page / 3 slides)

  • A description of your growth ambition and your needs (max. 2 pages / 6 slides)

  • A description of the possible link you see with the Multi-Sportcampus Traiectum (max. 1 page / 3 slides)


The pitch may be submitted in free form (presentation/slide deck, letter form), but must be uploaded as a PDF file (landscape or portrait A4) (max. 30MB). Videos, example websites, etc. can be included as a link. Pitches in English are allowed.


  • June 13: Launch challenge

  • 4 September 2023 from 14:00-15:00 Online information meeting (not mandatory) - register via the button above

  • September 26, 2023 at 5:00 PM: Deadline challenge

  • October 26, 2023: Selection announcement by our Sport Performance Team.

  • November: Live pitch/matchmaking (event) with selection At FC Utrecht Next in Stadium Galgenwaard

  • Q1 2024: Start pilots.


Within the Traiectum Multi-sport Campus, we strive to ensure that everyone can enjoy sport sustainably, with pleasure and without injury. We believe in open, groundbreaking and sustainable top sport as a source of inspiration for recreational sport and as a catalyst for the health and vitality of society.

If you need more information, please feel free to contact:

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