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Tiger Growth Forum 台荷成長論壇#8
1.5-hour Webinar in English
(全程英文+ 每頁簡報中文簡譯)
(2020/6/17, Wednesday, 16:00TW / 10:00 CET)


Branding & Marketing Strategy
for market access to Europe!

Challenges and opportunities for Taiwanese companies

to create values of your branding and marketing!





Tiger Accelerator is pleased to introduce our valuable strategic partner, Doron Verstraelen, who is specialized in the branding and marketing strategy to advise, coach, and design the marketing strategy and roadmap for startups and scale-ups and even cities or regions.

Doron will discuss how the increase the success rates your market access to strategy by maximizing your branding and marketing strategy. 


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Speaker introduction:



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【Date & Time】Wednesday, June 17, 2020, 10:00-11:30 CET (16:00-17:30TW)

【Location】      Webinar, invite upon registration

【Moderator】  Dr. Valerie Hsu, Director, TGN & Tiger Accelerator

【Speaker】       Mr. Doron Verstraelen, International branding, and communications expert


【Agenda】       16:00TW-17:30TW  [10:00-11:30CET]

  15:55-16:00 TW  Sign-in webinar 

  16:00-16:03 TW  Introduction by Dr. Valerie Hsu

  16:03-16:50 TW  'Branding & Marketing Strategy for market access to Europe!' by Mr. Doron Verstraelen

  16:50-17:00 TW   Q&A and exchange information

Contact Dr.Valerie Hsu /















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Doron Verstraelen is an international branding and communications expert to help startups, scale-ups and even cities or regions to position themselves with strategic branding & marketing approach.

Make places better for everyone

 My heart beats to make villages, towns and regions better places. Through strategy and bringing stakeholders together. Experience with place branding, place marketing and management, policy development, alliance building and governance. Heart, head and hands to realize ideas. Energetic innovator, connector and result-oriented. 

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